Sonia Sanchez – “Poem For Some Women” 

Sonia Sanchez – “Poem For Some Women”

 When the crowd stand up and applaud Sonia Sanchez on to the stage that showed respect from the audience, which she returned with her bows.  This for me created the sense of mutual respect and community.  This is what the idea of sharing your poems is about, which crisis said “he uses the word sharing more than performing” this is exactly what I feel Sanchez does, she is reading from the page, but she is so connected and in tune with the poem that it does not matter that her face is constantly in the book (though after her entrance she says what the poems about and the poem alone, without the performance self is very powerful. 

Her voice is very important as through her vocal range you her emotion and the characters emotions.  I am interested in whether it has in the written poem the repetition and dragging of syllables of words like “I’m alright…” which is all part of the character who is a drug addict, therefore it would make sense to have it written like this in the book (though it would break the rules of literary language).  But hearing this repletion and stuttering of words lets the listener know it is the drug addict talking.  There is rhythm in her speech and delivery, which is important as she is reading, giving less chance for her to address the audience through actions and gestures. 

 “Want her to know how hard it is for a single woman out here on her own” she emphasises the words in bold by lingering on them and changing the rhythm of that word.  These are important words of the character therefore she wants the audience to recognise this and it can only be done through her voice. While reading she is constantly moving to the rhythm of her words.  When impersonating the little girl she rocks and starts of with a gentle solemn voice and then begins whining as a hurt child would which helps with the images created.  What helped to create the image of the girl crying was the voice hitting a high pitch and her shaking her head as if liberating herself of the feeling she has.  This leads into her (the mother) singing a song for the child to calm down, which has greater impact as it is read or sung as it would be to sooth or send a young child to sleep.  When saying “she just stared at me with her eyes”.  She turns away from the book briefly to show her eyes that are squinted.  At the end, saying ‘I see you’ she closes her eyes and points her head outwards in different directions of the crowd, the last time she opens her eyes and lingers on ‘you’ which has a greater impact because it is as if the she makes a point of who she can see but the last person she sees is a lot clearer, which is why her eyes are open.     



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